Brand Strategy Brand Strategy

We help brands to define its direction, working together on positioning and campaign strategies through the data analysis and insights creation.

Creativity Creativity

For us the Concept is God. And God is multi-platform. With talent and commitment we transform the ordinary into extraordinary. The impossible into possible. The rational into magical. Our creatives guarantee this with more than 500 prizes in all national and international festivals of advertising throughout their careers.

Social Media Social Media

We create digital and content strategies and implement them in social networks and mobile apps, community management, social media listening, digital content production and activations BTL interactive.  

Storytelling & Storymaking Storytelling & Storymaking

We create compelling and  contagious brand stories, also – and more importantly – we develop the necessary conditions for consumers to create their own stories with brands integrally, so as to reach all touchpoints.

Sports Sports

We work with national and international brands related to sport to build their brand positioning,  content platforms and online&offline activations.  

Political and Public Communications Political and Public Communications

We have a specialized area for national and international branding of public officials, political candidates, public institutions and tourist destinations, in which we incorporate the latest trends in communications and technology.


AMEN and EMTUR invite you to Mar del Plata

AMEN and EMTUR invite you to Mar del Plata

Posted on Dec 28, 2016 in News

(LatinSpots).- The communications group led by Sergio Pollaccia and Angie Dellara created “The Summer calls”, a commercial that invites to live different experiences when visiting the city of Mar del Plata.

Amen, the Argentine Advertising Council and Merlo City Hall won Wina

Amen, the Argentine Advertising Council and Merlo City Hall won Wina

Posted on Nov 22, 2016 in News

(Dossiernet).- They obtained the Bronze awards and diploma of honor for their work for Merlo City Hall and the project equine therapy; and the Argentine Advertising Council with the activation #WillYouRememberMe.

“Dante”, the latest equine therapy work by AMEN

“Dante”, the latest equine therapy work by AMEN

Posted on Aug 26, 2016 in News

(Dossiernet).- Amén Argentina creó el spot “Dante” para el nuevo proyecto de Equinoterapia en la ciudad de Merlo, provincia de Buenos Aires.

“Impossible” is also part of the brief

“Impossible” is also part of the brief

Posted on Aug 3, 2016 in News

(El Cronista).- Por Sergio Pollaccia. Siempre habrá escenarios con menor y mayor desafío. Y habrá casos donde la palabra ‘imposible’ formará parte del brief.

AMEN is the new agency of touristic city Mar del Plata

AMEN is the new agency of touristic city Mar del Plata

Posted on Jun 1, 2016 in News

(Adlatina).- El grupo de comunicación realizará el asesoramiento creativo, desarrollo, estrategia y planificación de la comunicación del organismo en medios gráficos, audiovisuales y redes sociales.

AMEN wins 2 Eikon Awards

AMEN wins 2 Eikon Awards

Posted on Oct 29, 2015 in News

Meridiano Actual.- Amén ganó el premio Eikon a la excelencia en comunicación institucional por las campañas “Política positiva”, para UNEN, y “Violencia de género”, desarrollada para el candidato a Intendente de Merlo.


Sergio Pollaccia

Partner – CCO.

- Sergio Pollaccia
Angie Dellara

Partner – Creative Planning Director.

- Angie Dellara
Daniel Sonzini

Creative Director.

- Daniel Sonzini
Roxana Silva

Film Producer.

- Roxana Silva
Gaelle Legrand

Account Director – Manager.

- Gaelle Legrand
Juan Benavidez

Digital Creative Director.

- Juan Benavidez
Aldana Borisiuk

Head of Design.

- Aldana Borisiuk
Leandro Banchero

Digital Creative.

- Leandro Banchero
Silvia Sibila

General Assistant.

- Silvia Sibila
Mery Hegouaburu

Europe Account Director.

- Mery Hegouaburu