#BocaEstaDePeñas the latest work of Amen for Boca Juniors

Posted on Oct 6, 2015 in News

Dossiernet.-The ad agency planned and executed the campaign strategy for the pre, live and postevent of Boca Juniors Annual Peñas Congress.

The star of the event was a selfie taken by footballer Carlitos Tevez next to the President, Daniel Angelici; the Vice President, Royco Ferrari; and the head coach, Vasco Arruabarrena.

“Each part of the campaign was designed to reflect CABJ four-year-management and to maximise the coverage of the event. The selfie was one of the key points of thecontent strategy”, says Angie Dellara, creative planner and  partner of Amen.

The campaign was conceived for social networks under the hashtag #BocaEstaDePeñas and achieved a reach that only on Twitter surpassed 55M, whereas on Facebook and Instagram the amount of likes was higher than 100K, other social media involved were YouTube and Vine.