#WillYouRememberMe, the latest campaign of the Argentine Advertising Council created by Amen

Posted on Sep 18, 2015 in News

It is the first spot of the agency Amen to the Argentine Advertising Council for the World Alzheimer’s Month.

Dossiernet.- The Argentine Advertising Council presents #WillYouRememberMe, the digital ad carried out by the agency Amen Argentina supported by the Association for the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and similar disorders (A. L. M. A.) and INECO Foundation with the objective of raising awareness about the disease that in Argentina affects one out of 10 older than 65.

The stem  idea of the campaign is that Alzheimer’s disease has no cure but the only remedy is love and patience from the family group“, say Sergio Pollaccia and Angelina Dellara, partners of Amen Argentina. “Patients and their family members contribute with a heart-moving testimonial, based on anecdotes, intimate dialogs of sons, fathers and husbands who live with the disease“, the add.

“It is rewarding to work again and together to give visibility to this problem, which is increasingly having more relevance in our society. Together, we have the opportunity to give an encouraging message and, through the organisations that support us, provide some type of assistance to the people who are currently accompanying a relative living with this disease,” says Veronica Rodriguez Padilla, president of the Argentine Advertising Council.


By Sergio Pollaccia

The campaign Will you remember me, when I forget about you? is based on Elsa Evans’ experience. My mother.

She, being divorced and then widow, always fought alone. She was general secretary at Belgrano Day School. At that time, to earn more money she  used to sew skirts that sold during the week.

My mother taught me to never give up, for their incredible life stories that make anyone move only forward.

This campaign seeks to inspire patience and love in those who have a family member, a patient with Alzheimer.