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AMEN and EMTUR invite you to Mar del Plata

Posted on Dec 28, 2016 in News

(LatinSpots).-The communications group led by Sergio Pollaccia and Angie Dellara created “The Summer calls”, a commercial that invites to live different experiences when visiting the city of Mar del Plata.

The advertising and communications agency Amen Argentina, led by Sergio Pollaccia and Angie Dellara, launched the new communications campaign fot the touristic city of Mar del Plata, along with Ente Municipal de Turismo (EMTur).

Under the slogan “The Summer calls” and “Happiness is your destination,” Amen developed a campaign that has as main objective to become viral in social media. Along different digital videos, tourists are suggested to experience various relaxing summer activities.

“I always liked working for Mar del Plata. It is a brand that brought me joy and, strategically, has enormous potential. We are helping it to grow, first in social media and, in the coming year, in more traditional media” Pollaccia remarked about the campaign.

The Summer calls – . A: EMTur – Ente Municipal de Turismo. P: Campaña EMTur – #ElVeranoInvita. Ag: Amén Argentina. Dgc: Sergio Polaccia. EQc: Sergio Polaccia, Angie Dellara, Juan Ruiz Benevides, Paula Cociolo, Florencia Corlito, Daniel Sonzini. Dir Cta: Gaelle Legrand. Resp Cli: Yanina Tendlarz. D: Juan Pablo Ruiz Benavides. Pe: Roxana Silva y Fernando David. País: Argentina. Cat: Imagen.